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Instant expertise; endless possibilities. Experience the future of customer service with an AI-powered chatbot that understands your customers, drives sales, and redefines support.

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Your Expert Support Agent, Available 24/7

Empower your business with StarfishChat.ai: deliver exceptional, around-the-clock customer support and surpass expectations every time.

  • Customize Your Chatbot From Your Admin Dashboard

    Your Brand, Your Bot

    Customize your chatbot to align with your brand identity by incorporating unique logos and color schemes, ensuring a seamless and consistent user experience.

  • Easily Train Your Chatbot On Links, Files, And More

    Websites, Files, & More

    Training your chatbot is easier than ever. Input a single URL, scan an entire website, upload files, input raw text, or even connect your chatbot to tools like Google Drive, Notion, or Dropbox. Our simplified training process drastically reduces the time needed to launch & maintain an informed and efficient chatbot. Need to retrain your bot on updated content? You can do so at the click of a button!

  • Embed Your Bot Easily Into Your Header

    Ready In Minutes

    Set up and install in minutes - simply copy and paste the code into your website's header, and you're all set! Embed a chatbot on as many sites as you wish — your e-commerce site, within apps, your help center… anywhere! Still unsure? No worries, we're here to assist!

  • Both GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 are Available - The Choice Is Yours

    Two Powerful AI Models

    Select from two advanced AI models and switch between them based on your chatbot's desired behavior. GPT-3.5 focuses on speed, whereas GPT-4 offers greater depth and accuracy. Both options are available to you on all of our plans. 

Just 4 Simple Steps

We make it easy to get up & running on your own. But, if you ever need assistance, our dedicated support team is on standby to provide guidance.
  • The Chat Bot Is Easily Trained
    Train Your Bot
  • Customize The Appearance Of The Bot
  • Embed The Bot On Your Website
    Embed On Your Site
  • Chat History Available In Dashboard
    Learn, Refine, Improve

Trusted & Used by Many

  • More than 20% of our customers are from Forbes 500.
  • Over 65% of our clients recommend us to friends.
  • Our longest relations is 8 years.

Multiple Solutions, One Product

The allure of StarfishChat.ai lies in its versatility and robustness. Whether you're seeking a purely AI-driven chat experience or require the flexibility to seamlessly switch between AI and a live agent, we've got you covered. Our sophisticated platform enables a diverse range of chat operations, ensuring that your communication needs are met with elegance and efficiency.

AI-Powered Live Chat


Your chatbot can be configured to use either either the OpenAI GPT-4 or GPT-3.5 model to reply to your customers. You can choose to operate your chat service solely in AI mode if you wish. 

Human Mode

Human Mode

By enabling Human Mode; your bot can seamlessly hand-off chats to a human agent. Our plans allow for multiple users; so you can enable as many human support agents as you wish. 

Escalations & Leads

Escalations & Leads

Don't want to have humans on standby, but also don't want to miss anything? With 'Escalations' your bot can create a support ticket for issues it can't resolve on it's own - delivered instantly to your email inbox. 

Hear It From Our Clients

Brent burrows ii Brent burrows ii

"We successfully transitioned to StarfishChat.ai, entirely supplanting our previous human-led chat service. The financial savings have been substantial, yet the true value lies in the marked enhancement of the quality and consistency of our support conversations... Our customers have expressed immense satisfaction with the bot, while our marketing team is thrilled at the integration of such cutting-edge technology. Additionally, our support team greatly appreciates the automation and efficiency introduced by this new service. We love it!"

Brent Burrows II, VP of Retail & Sales

Unmatched Support, Unbelievable Savings

Revolutionize your customer support, and deliver expert help without the high costs. Replace the headache of salaried staff & human-led chat teams with our affordable, customizable, 24/7 solution.